Transgender 101: A Conversation about Best Practices for Supporting Transgender Folks in Higher Education & Beyond (BWWC at UNC-Chapel Hill, June 2017)

Fellow BWWC 2017 Attendees, thank you all for a productive workshop on trans issues in North Carolina and the United States.

Below you will find the packet and slides from the workshop and a few links for further reading. Please feel free to contact me if you have any follow-up questions.

Session Slides



Basic Terminology and Concepts


Pronoun and Usage Guides


Supporting Trans Students and Co-Workers


Trans-Inclusive and -Focused Organizations


HB2 (NC anti-trans bathroom bill) Resources and Information


Transgender Studies
For further reading, I include the lists below of popular and academic texts, and texts that blur the boundaries between these categories. These lists are meant as starting points for exploring this very diverse field and should not be considered exhaustive by any means.

For those of you who teach, the following syllabi offer trans-inclusive course content suggestions: GSW 201: Introduction to LGBTQ Studies and ENG 284: Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature.

Presses and Journals

Asterisks (*) indicate texts that I use in classroom


LGBTQ+ Signage and Posters


LGBTQ+ Speakers


Asexuality Resources


K-12 and Youth Resources

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